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Princess Leia: Killing Her Abuser

Happy Monday, Happy Star Wars Day, and May the Fourth be with you! How are you guys this week? I hope everyone’s staying safe, we’re almost at the end! I wanted to write about some girl power that’s represented in the Star Wars series. And we’re gonna start at the roots.

I’ve always loved Leia, she’s been a massive female role model a lot of girls look up to, so I wanted to break down what makes her such a great woman of empowerment, and it’s very real.

Warning: I will be talking about sexual harassment in this post. I’m aware this is a sensitive subject, but I believe it is important to share.


As I was doing my research, I stumbled upon this video. Thankfully, it has been debunked, as there is no possible physical way for anything sexually intimate to happen. They are not even close to being the same species. Although there is no possible way for him to make any sexual advances on her, what he did to her was full-on harassment.

Jabba the Hutt (Pizza the Hut, if we’re talking Spaceballs), is a giant space slug-like creature who kidnaps girls and turns them into his private bikini dancers. He takes women because no one will come to him. So, he captures Leia and treats her horribly.

He enslaves her, makes her one of his dancing girls. But she isn't just one of his slaves, she's his favorite. He doesn't want her to leave him so bad, he ties her up in a medal leash so she could never escape. She always has to be in his lap. On top of this, he forces her to wear a metal bikini. Metal. All of it looks horribly painful and cruel.

He nonconsensually kisses her with way too much tongue, and he makes uncomfortable comments including “the princess looks good enough to taste”. Ew. He wouldn’t let her stray away from him, as one day, when she starts to stand up, he pulls her back on him, saying, “You will obey me. Don't stray too far. There is no one to rescue you now”. He is the unhealthy, controlling partner. And again, he tortures her with metal. He dehumanizes her, emotionally kills her, making her his slave, his pet. Therefore, it only makes sense that she would physically kill him with just the thing he used to kill her: a metal chain.

In Leia's rescue mission, Luke comes to save her. As he controls the outside, he creates the perfect distraction for Leia to take a hit at Jabba. As soon as she gets the chance, shes goes at him.

She cuts the power and takes hold of the chain, strangling him. He can not breathe and can not escape from the pain. As he always forcibly pulled on her, she turns everything back on him. She kills this giant mess using his own weapons. Are you kidding?! The next time anyone says that girls are not strong, clearly have not met Leia, and considering how much strength was needed to choke this blob, she has to be pretty damn strong.


On a very serious note: the victim killed the abuser. Ladies, and guys, if anyone ever hurts you in any way, sexual or not, you have every right to get out of the situation, and you can. Given, the force helped Leia here, but she was able to kill a full-on Hutt on her own. The force is with you, too.

If you need, the sexual abuse hotline (US) is (800)-656-4673

The domestic violence hotline (US) is (800)-799-7233

The suicide hotline (US) is (800)-273-8255

I know this post was more serious than the rest, and I promise the rest of the week will be full of all the fun possible. I just wanted to take this day to write about a killer female role model.

All the love,


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